Presentation Training Courses

Of the hundreds of presentations you have sat through, how many do you remember?

If you don’t want your presentations to be forgotten quite as quickly, you need to know how to make people listen, how to engage your audience and how to persuade them to take action. Make your presentations stand out from the rest.

Business presentations are not just to tell people about your company, your project or your solution. Business presentations should be about persuading, motivating and influencing people. They should make your customers, prospects and partners take action.

Do you take part in beauty parades, where a client brings in 5 or 6 vendors in one day to listen to their presentations?  If so your presentation needs to stand out from the rest.

Do you speak at conferences to promote your company’s solutions? Ensure your presentation is the one everyone is talking about during lunch and coffee.

Do you run seminars or webinars to educate your market? Make sure you do more then just educate them, drive them on to the next step in your sales-cycle.

Whenever you give a presentation, your company’s reputation is at stake. Can all your staff do your company justice?

I teach business people how to talk so that others listen.  I run courses in-house for companies and organisations, mainly in southern England. I also run one on one coaching sessions at very reasonable rates often less then the price of a place on a public course. Drop me an email and I will call you back to discuss your presentation needs. Full details are available on my website

I also run courses on how to give an effective technology demonstration. For further information please look at my demonstration workshop page.

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  2. […] Presentation Training Courses   […]

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