Why bother giving a presentation?

For many people just the idea of having to give a presentation is a nerve wracking idea. The thought of having to stand up in front of a room full of people fills them with dread. Even for the more experienced presenter there is a lot of work and effort that has to go into creating a presentation.

You need to structure your thoughts, work out what will be relevant and of interest to your specific audience, possibly create some visuals, rehearse it a few times, write cue cards, in case the nerves take over and you forget what it was you decided to say, arrange the venue, invite people to attend and chase them up to make sure they attend on time. Even a short presentation can take many hours, days or weeks to prepare.

So why bother? Why not just send out an email and hope that people read it?

In my humble opinion there are a few reasons why presentations are worth the effort.

1. Firstly, it is very difficult to convey emotion in an email and in the main it is the passion and emotion that you put into a presentation which makes the difference. No matter how many facts and figures you quote in your presentation, it is your enthusiasm that will generate the emotional buy-in which in turn will sway an audience.

2. By giving a relevant, entertaining and interesting presentation you can hold an audience’s attention for far longer then it would take them to skim through an email. This means they will give more thought to what it is you are saying and are more likely to remember the salient points.

3. Presentations should be about more than knowledge transfer. If all you are doing in a presentation is relating facts and figures, you are wasting a great opportunity. Effective presentations should be designed to influence people. Designed and delivered in such a way as to make your audience think or do something, which they would not have done had it not been for the presentation.

4. Giving presentations is good for your career prospects. Everyone remembers the person standing at the front of the room not the people sitting at the back. Welcome any opportunity to present in front of your colleagues and managers, it will raise your status in your organisation and you will be more likely to gain promotion.

Of course, the validity of the points above depends on the effectiveness of your presentation. Standing nervously and reading the bullet points from a series of slides is never likely to have a positive outcome.

Why on earth am I saying this in a blog? When I have stated that a presentation is a far more effective method of communication, particularly when you need to influence your audience.

Well, needs must, but what I recommend is that you take time out from your daily routine to attend one of my presentation skills courses where you can experience the passion I have for creating and delivering effective presentations. You will learn how to create and deliver presentations that are targeted, memorable and will influence your audience to your way of thinking.

Public Courses are running in:

Basingstoke on 5th July 2017
Camberley on 9th August 2017
Reading on 6th September 2017

I can also arrange dedicated in-house training and/or coaching at your convenience.

Please call on 01276 502257 or email graham.young@youngmarkets.co.uk to arrange a session.

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