Seeing is believing – The McGurk Effect

I recently cam across a BBC Horizon video clip on YouTube about the McGurk Effect which adds more weight to the argument that what you see overrules what you hear when giving a presentation.

Watch the video and you will see how our visual sense takes precedence over what we are hearing. This is another example of “It ain’t what you say” in your presentation that matters and it also highlights why it is important that your audience is able to see you clearly. So no more hiding behind lecterns.

The human brain is a wonderful, complex, organ which interprets a wide range of different stimuli, often subconsciously, to decode the communication that it is receiving, when you listen to a presentation. As a presenter you need to make sure that all these different stimuli are giving a strong consistent message otherwise you may inadvertently mislead you audience. You will say one thing and they will interpret it as something else.

All the Best

Graham Young




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