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#prestip: Walk about the stage area in a purposeful manner, it helps keep the audiences attention. http://digg.com/u173rk
You, the presenter, are the most important visual element of a presentation. Your face, your expressions and your body language are far more important than your visual aids. As the old saying goes “people buy from people”.
So you need to be seen. Step out from behind the lectern, stand in the middle of the stage area, let your audience see you. Even better walk around the stage area. Movement attracts attention, so if you are moving about you will attract even more attention than if you are standing still.
Some people have a tendancy, when nervous, to totter, to shift their weight from one foot to the other. This style of movement is not good, as it contravenes the “little things irritate” rule of presenting. If you find yourself starting to totter,take a proper few steps and move to a different part of the stage. Not only will it attract attention, it will give you a different perspective on the audience, which in turn will energise your presentation.
By moving around you can address different parts of your audience with different parts of your message which has the affect of personalising your presentation.
However, make sure you don’t break the projector beam. There are few things worse than having your visual aid lighting up you face, while you cast a massive shadow on the screen. Try to arrange the equipment so that you have room to move around without interupting your slides.
Go on try it. At your next presentation try walking about. I guarantee that you will enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives and that feeling of freedom will help you to be more passionate about your subject, making it a far better presentation.
For more hints and tips see my presentation training website.

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