Sales Presentation Training

What is the difference between giving a business presentation and giving a sales presentation?

Does a sales presentation training course need to be different from a business presentation training course?

The answer is in the objective. There are many reasons why you might want to give a presentation at work, including progress reports, sales meetings, changing work habits, telling people about new products or procedures, letting people know how you can be of assistance, encouraging people to think about new opportunities, solving problems or improving moral and motivating people.

In essence it all boils down to three things: educating, influencing and entertaining.

Now if a presentation’s sole purpose is to entertain I would question it’s value in a business context. Although every presentation has to entertain your audience to some extent to ensure that they are listening, if that is the only objective then I don’t see how it helps the business to progress. This is where a business presentation differs from a best man’s speech.

Sales presentations are obviously about influencing people. Influencing them to buy your product, service or solution. As part of the act of influencing you will need to educate them, tell them about your products and the benefits that it will provide them, and you will also need to entertain them so that they enjoy being educated and influenced.

But what about the purely informative presentation, which sets out to educate people, providing new information or a new slant on existing knowledge that your audience may already have. Yes it needs to entertain but does it need to influence?  This is the crux of the difference between a sales presentation and a business presentation.

Let us investigate the objective further. If the objective of a presentation is just to inform people,to educate them. Why are you doing it? Why do you want/need to educate these people? What is it that they will do differently once they have the knowledge that you are imparting?  Do you care what they do with it?

If you don’t care what they do with the knowledge then from your point of view it doesn’t matter if they actually have the knowledge. It will make no difference to you or your business. So why bother investing all the time and resources in to creating and delivering the presentation. I would venture to suggest that if it is irrelevant what people do with the knowledge you impart through your presentation your presentation itself becomes irrelevant and there is no point in giving it.

On the other hand if you do care what people do with the knowledge then you need to not just educate but also influence people to do something with that knowledge. This then becomes a similar objective as for a sales presentation. To educate people and to influence them.

So what should be the difference between a business presentation training course and a sales presentation training course?


Choosing presentation training that teaches you how to stand up and talk in front of an audience is fine, if you want to give a best man’s speech, but in business there is so much more to giving a presentation than just standing up and talking in an entertaining fashion. In business you need to influence people, no matter what type of presentation you are giving. To learn how to influence people with your presentations, the type of course to attend is sales presentation training, even if you are not in sales and even if you don’t have a particular product,service or solution to sell.

That is why on Young Markets courses we only teach one presentation structure, the structure of a sales presentation and why we spend time looking at different influencing styles. A major aspect of any business presentation must be concerned with considering what you want your audience to do as a result of the presentation and structuring the presentation to encourage your audience to take that action.

In short, the best presentation training to attend for business presentations is a sales presentation training course.


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  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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