10th Birthday Offer

Young Markets is officially 10 years old this month. So what, you might say.

Well, I think keeping it going for 10 years is worth a present, not that I expect you to give me one, so I think you can  “BOGOFF“.

Yes, I mean it:
Buy One Get One For F.r.e.e.
Book one place on my  Effective Presentation Skills training in June and two people can attend the course. 
You could look at this as a 50% discount or saving of £285,  or you could see it as a test of your sales skills, you sell a place to someone else then you can go for f.r.e.e.
It is the same high quality training, providing you with the inside track on how to create, design and deliver presentations which could gain you a standing ovation. You still get a lovely buffet lunch, the “A to Z of Effective Business Presentations” ebook and a video of your presentation.
Public courses which qualify for this unique, never to be repeated, 10th anniversary offer include:
                 Oxford on Wednesday 17th June 2009
                 Heathrow on Thursday 25th June 2009
The offer also applies to in-house courses, if you have a number of people who could benefit from improving their presentation style, book one day of training and I’ll run two.
I hope to see you soon.

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