Don’t drink the water

On my web site I have a quiz on “how good a presenter are you?” One of the statements that the majority of people answer wrongly is:

If my throat is dry, I will drink some of the water provided.

Why shouldn’t you drink the water?

First of all it has nothing to do with swine flu, nor is it anything to do with how long the water may have been standing there, although sometimes you have to wonder quite how fresh it is.

A dry throat is a natural bi-product of being nervous; however drinking water is unlikely to help. The more water you drink the more water you will need. This is because by drinking the water you are washing away the saliva in your mouth and saliva is nature’s way of lubricating your mouth. Saliva is far better at it than water. If your mouth is dry try thinking about eating something. This will generate saliva.

More importantly, stop worrying about being nervous,  just start talking.


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